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 Jailed? Want some freedom?

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PostSubject: Jailed? Want some freedom?   Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:28 pm

Okay guys i have came to a conclusion with the jail freedom situation.

If you are jailed and you would like a lawyer please speak to an admin or post on website. However depending on charges against you determines on the price of the lawyer. If you would like to go to court and represent your self that will cost 200k and 1 weeks notice.

If you have served atleast 3o days and you are not lvl 50 and you would like to train please talk to an admin.

Visitation: If you would like visitation please speak to admin.

(Go to court (200k) to get a bail/bond)

If you go to court and the bond is 1500k. 10 percent of that is 150k and you can get out with a new court date.
YOU MUST pay the whole 1500k BEFORE New court date or will be jailed/banned again. If you miss the court date you will be jailed or banned unless you notify admins ahead of time.

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Jailed? Want some freedom?
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