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 How the game is coming along!

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PostSubject: How the game is coming along!   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:28 pm

Hello fellow staff and future players. The game is devoloping pretty quickly. I feel as if were doing the best we can! We have had some minor bugs and a server crash nothing major. For the most part all of the work that needs to be done to open up for beta is done. We need to make a couple more maps and we have to remake are enemys and spells because of the server crash. But thats no big deal. Also im looking into adding some new features like a patch system and a automatic update system. Until then we will be fine with what we have. Now i am working on a couple of other secerets that will be ready when we open up the game for good. But its a suprise i cant let that get out! Also quest are available we just have a minor bug with the quest that we are going to be putting out, Which is you can do the quest over and over again. I'm working as fast as i can to get that fixed as well.

I took the server down this week for construction. Im hoping i can get alot done. The reason why i took the server down to do all of this is because its alot easier to test the scripts and make sure they run currectly that involves restarting the server and i cant have players online if the server keeps restarting. Not only that alot of times if one of the scripts go bad then the server crashes when its online and it takes a while to bring it back up. So i want to appolagize for any interuptions that may have caused.

Before i go i want to take a few polls and let you guys put your input in the game

GM Devastator&staff[b]
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How the game is coming along!
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