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 Game rules

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PostSubject: Game rules   Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:20 pm

This game requires rules. if you do not follow theese rules there will be consequences. Please read the rule below

Okay please do not use bad language also we have
1. Do not spam. Which means repeating over and over
2. No door blocking. Which means do not stand infront of an entrance or exit.
3. No auto hunting Which means holding down attack button with a item and killing animals in a spawning point
4. Do not bug people for money.*Do not request to be a staff member in game.
(Please send ONE PM to a Game Master if you want to be an admin)*Do not ask staff for items, money, armor, etc. in game or in the forums.*Do not use Macro programs, this falls in with autohunting.*Respect the other players while online.*Keep name calling to a bare minimum.*"Excessive" foul language in Events or Staff presence will result in your character being Jailed.*Do not scam items.** Please do not talk unless you are asked to in a event you could be jailed for a while****Please be carefull the way you talk to staff and players******Please send me a PM for staff apllications***** Do not bug our staff team they work so hard for this game****Only send one request to chat at a time, do not flood the players chat box with requests.*Do NOT use any hacks of anykind, as the server isnt very stable at the moment, and you may cause it to crash.*If you are found to be the result of a server crash (Due to inapropriate behavior) you will be banned.*Do not put EM, GM, or any staff title in front of your name, you will be jailed for a week, you have been warned.**More rules will surface as we think of them. Please make sure you follow these rules, as breaking them will either result in a Ban or Jail time.**Do not ask when you will get out of jail. we will tell you or we will get you out when we do.Also to see rules again please see forums!

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Game rules
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